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Dr. Bianca Larne

Dr. Bianca Larne

Dr. Bianca Larne
Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne
Doctor of Optometry, University of Melbourne
Practising from Mornington

Bentons Square Shop 25, 210 Dunns Road, Mornington VIC 3931

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Bianca joined our team in 2020 as an Optical Dispenser whilst completing her Doctor of Optometry (Honours) at the University of Melbourne. In this role she was able to get to know our patients and their eye care needs. Additionally whilst completing her studies Bianca also undertook voluntary placements visiting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, as well as conducting school screenings during University placements and with the Vision One Eyecare team. After graduating in 2022 she began her new role in our team as an Optometrist. Bianca is a member of ACBO and is currently undertaking further study in Behavioural Optometry and Vision Therapy due to her interest and desire to enhance her care in paediatrics.
Bianca’s interest in Optometry was sparked by seeing the impact that ocular concerns of loved ones have on their daily lives, daily function and self-confidence while out in the community. Bianca has a strong passion for helping not only children but also adults in achieving their full academic and learning potential through vision.