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What We Offer

What We Offer

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Glasses We Stand By Our Products

We will tailor and match the right product for you, matching your prescription with the right lens material and choosing the right frame to optimise your vision (and flatter your features!) We want you to love your glasses and, most importantly, we want them to work for you!

eye We Always Provide Thorough Eye Examinations

We conduct a thorough eye examination and set aside longer appointment slots than many other optometrists in case your situation requires more attention and to allow for a thorough eye health examination. Vision One Eyecare are committed to serving our community, which is why we also provide vision screenings to local kindergartens and primary schools.

badge We Offer Quality And The Latest Products

We stock a diverse range of the latest fashions and brands, allowing residents in Melbourneโ€™s southeast to enjoy a taste of trendy looks at an affordable price.

lamp We Have A Primary Focus On Eye Health And Visual Development

Our aim is to maximise the visual acuity, health and development of every patient in our local communities, from conducting vision screenings to local schools to providing affordable prescription glasses. Enjoy life to the fullest with healthy eyes, thanks to Vision One Eyecare.

person-icon We Pride Ourselves On A High Quality Of Service

Our highly trained staff are available to assist. We want you to be happy with our entire service and products. Just like your car, your glasses may require servicing or adjustments from time to time – this complementary service is available to you anytime. Just drop in to see us and weโ€™d be happy to help!